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social marketing

Social marketing campaigns from Webb Strategic Communications create behavior change

This talented team has generated award-winning audience research, online resources, mobile apps, media advocacy and audience engagement – all leading to strong, measurable results and positive social change.

Audience Research

Solid audience research is critical in guiding strategy and measuring outcomes of social marketing efforts. Webb Strategic Communication can key in on the nuances of focus groups, audience intercepts and audience interviews to enhance messages and creative components. Webb’s trusted research partners provide quantitative insights through large-scale surveys and an in-house team is ready to implement qualitative research for both general and Latino audiences.

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Strategic Planning

The time and attention devoted to developing a strong strategic roadmap is a real strength at Webb. Evidence-based strategies including social norms, top-down mass media and earned media and bottom-up grass roots stakeholder engagement are combined to match your audience. Your plan will:

  • Provide a situational scan
  • Summarize research
  • Pinpoint audiences
  • Craft messages and creative
  • Outline strategy
  • State metrics
  • Break out budget
  • Address timeline

Media Advocacy

You care about your organization’s mission, messages, and issues. Will the media? The Webb Strategic Communications team has worked in newsrooms. We can assist in framing your messages, and then help you strategically navigate the wide array of media outlets to get your stories the attention they deserve. We can assist with:

  • Strategic storytelling
  • Media interview preparation
  • Media advocacy training
  • Media list assembly
  • News release distribution
  • Media pitching
  • Editorial strategy

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Messages must be noticed. Webb Strategic Communications and its consulting partners provide you with experienced design, communications, and marketing professionals. Whether it’s printed or online materials to support your outreach efforts, or video, the Webb team provides the strategic and creative resources to get you awareness, and results.

Stakeholder Relations

Your stakeholders can be your social marketing campaign’s greatest ambassadors. Webb Strategic Communications can assist you with identifying, educating, and activating these crucial audiences.

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Latino Integration

Now more than ever, Hispanic market integration is key to changing behaviors for communities all across the U.S. and certainly in the Colorado market. Our approach is unique in Colorado because we integrate Hispanic market tactics in conjunction with general market strategy assuring we’re working towards one goal by providing all services under one casa. The variety of Hispanic market strategies our team employs includes research, creative development, online, community engagement, media and digital integration. Click here for examples of work.

Social Media

Social marketing and social media can be a natural pairing. Webb Strategic Communications helps you evaluate the most effective social media channels, and will then work with you to develop a content strategy to engage your audience in a measurable way. Click here to learn more about Webb Strategic Communications’ social media services.

Community Relations

Over the years, we’ve been involved in siting and permitting issues related to mining, oil and natural gas production, pipelines (both natural gas and water), and transportation infrastructure. Gauging community sentiment, explaining the dimensions of the project, and winning strong public support have been crucial elements for success. Twenty five years in this region has taught us plenty about the Denver Metro Area, the Front Range, the Western Slope, our mountain communities and the many rural Coloradoans who bridge these markets. Being connected, respected and knowledgeable matters when community engagement comes into play. See samples of our Community and Event work here.