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Digital communications allow you to immediately connect with your audiences in a variety of effective ways.

Webb Strategic Communications guides you in creating and implementing digital tactics to expand your message or brand. Our digital services are custom-tailored to your needs, and integrate a variety of measurements to keep you informed on the results your efforts create.

Online Audit

Webb Strategic Communications’ online audit will assess your digital direction. We’ll help you determine if your overall communication goals are in sync with digital tactics by evaluating the strength of your website presence, social media presence, online communications and mobile compatibility.

Social Media

At Webb Strategic Communications, we apply our extensive background in traditional media settings to the social media landscape. You are your own newsroom. We’ll guide you in creating a content strategy that keeps audiences tuning in through the strategic use of:

  • Editorial calendars
  • Social media channel management
  • Custom channel branding
  • Content creation
  • Multimedia content
  • Opportunity management

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Webb Strategic Communications provides practical, digital video services to enhance your brand or message without blowing your budget. Webb can guide your production through concept and scripting, videography, editing, and post production. Video media monitoring will capture broadcast news segments about your business as they are aired. The results are video and motion graphic products that can be used in:

  • News releases
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Public displays
  • Events
  • Internal communications and reports

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In a digital age, your messages can resonate within a pocket or purse. Webb dials up and executes mobile marketing strategies and provides you with ways to measure their impact. This includes anything from creating scan code links to your website, to development of a mobile app or text-based marketing strategy.


To effectively manage your digital project, you need to measure it. Webb Strategic Communications utilizes a variety of free and premium tools to not only track the impact of your digital communications online, but also determine how they influence and interact with your offline efforts. We’ll guide you through the numbers; what they mean; and how to use them to efficiently focus your efforts.


Often the centerpiece of a digital strategy, Webb Strategic Communications can refresh your existing site, or create a new one while fully integrating your various digital tactics. Webb’s design partners, or your design vendor, will collaborate to create a look and feel that fits your message, and can provide:

  • Digital content creation and layout
  • Content Management Site (CMS) training and management
  • Strategic direction
  • Social Media connectivity plans

Latino Digital

In some cases U.S. Hispanics are adopting online and mobile trends faster than the general market. Understanding how to implement digital strategies and tactics for the Hispanic community can be complex. Let the Webb team guide you through Latino digital video, social media, texting, mobile app development, online strategies and websites. Click here for examples of work.

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